Air Crash Investigation

Birinci Sezon

İkinci Sezon

Üçüncü Sezon

  • Hanging by a Thread
  • Attack Over Baghdad
  • Out of Control
  • Fight for Your Life (Suicide Attack)
  • Mistaken Identity
  • Bomb on Board
  • Helicopter Down
  • Death and Denial (Egypt Air 990)
  • Kid in the Cockpit
  • Ocean Landing (African Hijack)

Dördüncü Sezon

  • Desperate Escape (Miracle Escape)
  • Falling from the Sky (All Engines Failed)
  • Fire Fight (Fiery Landing)
  • Final Approach (Blind Landing)
  • Hidden Danger (Mystery Crashes)
  • Panic Over the Pacific (6 Mile Plunge)
  • Out of Sight (Collision Over LA)
  • Fog of War (Flight 21 is Missing)
  • Vertigo (Deadly Disorientation)
  • Ghost Plane (Unconscious Pilot)

Beşinci Sezon

  • Explosive Evidence
  • Behind Closed Doors
  • Southern Storm
  • Dead Weight
  • Invisible Killer (Slammed to the Ground)
  • Gimli Glider (Miracle Flight)
  • Fanning the Flames (Cargo Conspiracy)
  • Fatal Distraction (Who’s at the Controls)
  • Mixed Signals (The Plane that Wouldn’t Talk)
  • Phantom Strike (Radio Silence)


  • Ripped Apart
  • Fatal Flaw
  • Who’s Flying the Plane

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